Fall Sample Party…Yay!

You may be asking yourself  “What is a sample party?”

Well, hopefully I gave the party a name that gives you a general idea of what to expect.  The culture that surrounds food is fascinating to me. We all need it to survive, yet our culture has found so many different ways to use it. All throughout the day a family unit is separated, but at the end a meal brings everyone together.  It can be a reward or if we abuse it can have consequences (what we eat in private, will be seen later in public!). A single item can have hundreds of different ways to be prepared. The aroma of a dish has nostalgic qualities. Between the science and history of food, you can find that it is always love that goes into preparing food. Somewhere over the last seventy five years or so we started to forget how precious real food is. Our lives became busier with the introduction of technology that promises to do things faster (isn’t that funny?) We have less time to prepare homemade real whole food meals so we compromise and buy a meal-in-a-bag from the freezer at the local grocery store. Pretty soon this becomes the norm. We don’t know what more than 50% of the ingredients are on the back of a box, but we don’t question it either.  In our quest to keep up with all that is expected of us we have settled on food that is fast. Food that doesn’t truly nourish our bodies.  One of the biggest problems food scientists have mentioned is the vast knowledge of how food affects our total well being, but the inability to apply it. We have become smarter about all that makes up food, but still cancer rates rise along with obesity, diabetes, ADHD, celiac disease, down syndrome and many more.  You are here reading this because you have begun to question the true nutritional quality of what you buy.  You have realized that a cereal that boasts to be a good source of Vitamin C has 17g of sugar in one serving and a chemical that is also found in embalming fluid (read here to see that one serving of frosted flakes is actually worse that an ice cream sandwich).  We are so accustomed to buying everything already made for us we forget that we can even make it ourselves!  I’ve heard an argument a few times that goes something like “What’s the point? Your life could end tomorrow in a car accident”. This is true.  Or you could live until 90, feel fantastic and full of energy long past most people do. You could also find yourself in an accident, but survive because your heart was gladiator strong, your immune system resembled the rebels from The Hunger Games and your body stocked with nutrients to replenish itself. You are also an example to your children whom you desire to have a full life and the energy to keep up with it. Don’t let the reasons stop there because your healthy habits affect so many aspects of your life and future generations to come. Not all of us can just drop everything to buy a small farm and become self sustainable though.  And even though there are many healthy options now at the store, sometimes they just lack the quality of homemade goodness.

The sample party will give you an opportunity to taste most of what I have to offer. There will be a few new items that have never been on the menu. Some people buy in bulk because they work a lot, live alone or don’t like to cook.  Some people just keep a few soups or dinners around for emergencies ( the kind that tempts you to stop at a drive thru!).  A lot of people keep their freezer stocked with Espresso Almond Bars because they are just so good. You can’t find anything like them in a store. Some people have even had me do something custom, like a clean low calorie desert for an event. This party is open to anyone interested in eating and living healthier. Don’t feel obligated to buy anything. Just show up to have a good time and meet other people who are striving to eat healthier too.

Details: Saturday November 3

5pm-7pm  The house will be open for people to come by hang out and try everything. If you already know you want to buy something, but don’t have time to stay then make it quick and easy during this time.  Just come over to chat, drink some cucumber water or a wine spritzer and relax. 

7pm-8pm I will give a little presentation on what makes my food different from what you find in the store, how to take baby steps yourself (like I did!) and give away some prizes. 

8pm-9pm I will have everything you try in stock to buy. You can fill out an order form if you want or take home some food that night. The big news is I can take CREDIT CARDS. Yes, you read that right 🙂

Everyone will walk away with some handouts that include my favorite recipes, simple switches, books/blogs I recommend and healthy living tips.


There will be 3 ways to win a prize. The person who brings the most friends, a random drawing and a surprise (you just need to show up. hint: pay attention to the posts on my facebook page 😉 Prizes will include my food and a few other goodies.

So what will you be able to sample?

Almond Power Bars

Granola Bars

NEW  Walnut Bars for kids

Egg Muffins

NEW Almond Butter and Jelly Mini Quinoa Muffins

White Chicken Chili

Hearty Beef Stew

Pork Tenderloin Dinner

Spicy Vegetable Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Winter Pie

yum! Yum! YUM!

The holiday season is right on our heels so come by and arm yourself this year with something quick and healthy to rescue you from a weak moment.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at nourishedfoods@gmail.com or call me at 210-391-9767


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