Spring/Summer Menu


Organic Soaked Steel Cut Oatmeal – $6 for 2  8.5 oz servings

An individually portioned serving of lightly sweetened and spiced steel-cut oatmeal.  Our oatmeal is soaked overnight to ensure your body gets the most out of the goodness of oatmeal.   With 14g of protein and only 400 calories, this is makes a complete breakfast that is sure to keep you full until your next meal.

Cas’s Organic “Egg Muffin” – $7 for 2 servings

A well-rounded, low-cal, high protein breakfast. Made with organic free range eggs, all natural egg whites, half a slice of sprouted whole grain bread and chopped greens.  It’s quick and easy to eat on the run and light enough to pair with a bowl of fruit to start your day off right!

Organic Egg Muffin

Breakfast Bars

A complete breakfast bar that perfectly balances your protein and whole grains for a morning on the go. Made with raw almonds, organic oatmeal, organic raisins and all natural sweetners like honey and molasses.

Apple Cinnamon Raisin – $12 for a dozen

Cranberry Almond – $12 for a dozen

Homemade Pop Tarts

Made with organic whole wheat pastry, these are filled with wholesome ingredients and none of the guilt. Hands these to your kids while their running out the door or even keep them for yourself.

Just Fruit – $12 a dozen

Almond Butter and Fruit – $12 a dozen

Spinach, Turkey and White Cheddar – $14 a dozen

Organic Breakfast Bars

Snacks and Sweets

Almond Power Bars – $15 for 18 bars

A naturally gluten-free bar that satisfies any sweet tooth while adding a mini punch of protein. With a touch of dark chocolate on top this is a sweet treat that counts.  Also available in espresso for a little caffeinated energy boost.

All Natural Almond Power Bars


All Natural White Chicken Chili – $12 for 2 8 oz bowls

Get your chili fix by diving into this opposite end of the spectrum chili. Warm and tangy, this chili is made with shredded chicken, tomatillos and a touch of cream to add depth. It comes garnished with white cheddar and organic cilantro.

Hearty Organic Vegetable Soup – $8 for 2 8oz servings

Lite and spicy enough to enjoy as a side dish, yet satisfying enough to eat alone. Made with a healthy blend of organic veggies such as carrots, celery, parsnips, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Complete Dinners

All Natural Classic Chicken

Made for the portion challenged, these dinners will offer an array of options and flavors so you’ll never get tired of the same thing. Each dinner ranges from 300-500 calories and perfectly balances whole grains, vegetables and a protein. Gluten/Grain free options are available as you can substitute the grain for a legume such a lentils or beans.

Classic Chicken – $24 for 4

Creamy whole cooked Farro topped with lightly sautéed vegetables and 3 oz of all natural baked chicken.

Sea Fare

White Fish – $28 for 4

Light and fluffy organic quinoa topped with sautéed squash and flaky white fish (such as cod)

Red Meat Fish – $30 for 4

Light and fluffy organic quinoa topped with sautéed squash and tender red meat fish (steelhead trout or salmon)

Turf Fare – $28 for 4

Organic couscous stacked with roasted vegetables and topped with all natural roast beef

The Other White Meat – $24 for 4

Fluffy organic couscous layered with roasted veggies and juicy pork tenderloin

All these dinners can be substituted with legumes or lentils in place of grains for no additional price.  Due to the cooking process these dinners must be ordered in larger quantities. I will notify people when sampler packs are available.  You can also order these sans vegetables to be added to a salad. Most of these dishes taste wonderful cold on a crispy bed of spinach and arugula!


1/3 Cup Portion – $15 a dozen

1/2 Cup Portion – $18 a dozen

Organic Farro Side (in 1/2 cup and 1/3 cup portions)

Whole grains and beans have a lot to offer our bodies, but are often ate in too large of portions. They also take a long time to cook and then have to be seasoned right to add flavor and depth. I have soaked my grains and beans overnight in water and kefir to provide your body the best outcome of nutrient absorption.   These are offered in 1/3 cup and 1/2 cup portions seasoned with fresh herbs, spices and in some a bit of creamy greek yogurt and real cheese. They are ready to simply be reheated and added to your dinner.

Organic Farro(Spelt)

Organic Couscous

Organic Quinoa

Organic Wheat Berries

Organic Lentils

Organic Black Beans

Organic White Beans

Organic Kidney Beans

Super Green Tea Smoothie Drops

Smoothie Drops

Organic Super Green Smoothie Drops – $8 for 16 drops

Slimming tea infused greens blended and frozen into convenient drops to add some green power to your morning fruit smoothies.

Thanks for checking the latest menu out. Again if you want to place an order or if you have any questions just email me at nourishedfoods@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to list any allergies.

Once you place an order I will email you back shortly with the day and times you can pick up your order. I will deliver orders over $50 for a $5 delivery fee.  Any orders over $100 I will deliver for free (within San Antonio city limits).  You can pay with cash or checks made out to Cassidy Holdsworth.


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