Spring Menu Coming Soon!

Spring is officially back and with it a fitting menu from Nourished Foods. The green buds and peeking sunshine add a little bounce in my step and hopefully a little pep in my food.  What does spring (and the coming summer) mean for patrons of NF?  Well pretty soon, a lot of the food will be filled with veggies and herbs from our own garden. During the winter I’m stuck with less flavorful dried herbs and buying the fresh ones in the produce isle is outrageous compared to buying a plant.  Finger’s crossed next winter we have  a little greenhouse so I can have fresh herbs all year round. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There are a few new items to the menu and some you’ll see are being put away until fall graces us with it’s presence again. I do have some unfortunate news for some. I will not be doing granola bars anymore. They are just too expensive to make, time consuming and I can’t get them to come out consistently. It takes so much to make so little and I’ve decided to bow out of this challenge until I find a day I’m ready to give them another chance. I know some of you love them, but try the different breakfast bars as I feel they satisfy that craving for granola. I’ll also be updating more frequently since my dear husband surprised me with a laptop for my birthday. Keep a look out for specials and random goods that aren’t on the menu. Sometimes, I am making something for my own family and decide to make a large batch to sell.  It could be something like Organic Homemade Potato Salad. This is not a potato salad like you’ve ever had.  This treat is my own recipe and nothing I’ve ever seen at the supermarket. However, something like this will have one day availability.  So, if you would like to be in the inner circle of those who get notified of one day specials and goods please comment below with your email or just email me.  I will add you to a list of those who are emailed special offers before I announce them on facebook. I’m really looking forward to introducing my new fare in a couple weeks after an updated photo shoot. I’m so excited to unveil my new complete dinner items, all 500 calories or less. In these you will get your grains, veggies and protein. Again, I’m getting ahead of myself and I’ll wait for the photos to speak for themselves.

God Bless all and I hope everyone is truly taking time to notice nature coming back to life


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