December Menu


We are finally ready!

It is Christmas time. My favorite holiday. It may be not be all play and no work anymore, but there is just something magical about December isn’t there? You can just feel it atmosphere  as you run around town. It’s a heightened sense of joy, squinting at twinkle lights on houses and a bit of rose-colored glasses over “life’s problems”. At least I hope it is that way for all of you as well. We have quite a few items that can make this time of year a little easier for you. I encourage you to not only think over these possibilities for yourself, but for the loved ones in your lives also. Maybe your daughter-in-love just had a baby and could use a few heart warming soups to heat on the fly. Or how about Homemade Irish Cream housed in a vintage bottle, wrapped in muslin with a tiny handmade velvet acorn adorning its neck. That would be the star at the annual gift exchange!  Maybe you want to shine at the next family gathering, but between shopping and wrapping you just don’t have the time to research a recipe, go to the store and bake. Let Nourished Foods do the work for you.  Scroll down to see the possibilities!

GF=Gluten Free, O=Organic, WW=Whole Wheat  



Soaked Lightly Spiced and Sweetened Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal Disks  –  $6 for 2 disks


On the Go Snacks

Almond Power Bars

Almond Power Bars  (espresso or regular)-  $14 for a full order (18 – 1 oz bars)

All Natural Granola Bars  –  $14 a dozen (1.5 oz bars)




Roasted Organic Pumpkin and Squash Soup (GF)  –  $4 for an 8.5 oz bowl

Southwest Chipotle Organic Pumpkin and Squash Soup(GF)  –  $4 for an 8.5 oz bowl

Southwest Tomatillo Natural Chicken Soup(GF)  –  $5 for an 8.5 oz bowl

All Natural Beef and Beer Chili  –  $6 for an 8.5 oz bowl


Winter Blueberry Pie

Caramel Apple Cider Pie (O,WW)  –  $30 for a 9 in pie

Roasted Pumpkin Pie (O,walnut oat crust)  –  $30 for a 9 in pie

Southern Pecan Pie (WW)  –  $32 for a 9 in pie

Winter Blueberry Pie (WW)  –  $35 for a 9 in pie



Spiced Fig Pie (O,WW)  –  $40 for a 9 in pie

Partridge in a Pear Tree Pie (O,WW)  –  $35 for a 9 in pie



Organic Homemade Irish Cream

Organic Homemade Irish Cream Chocolate Mint

$35 for a 22 oz standard brown bottle

$1.50 an ounce for a unique antique bottle plus cost of bottle (bottles come in various shapes,colors and sizes)

 Choose from the picture below





or call 210-391-9767 for orders or more information.  We can set up delivery and payment after I place an order.


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