What’s in store at Nourished Foods

I’m so eager (and nervous) to invite all of you to join us in this adventure as we began Nourished Food’s public venture. If you have been keeping up with our Facebook page the last week then you know a little bit about us already. You may know that the foundation of our company is to feed your body with whole food.  Maybe you ask yourself what does that mean? I realize that I started this project to help out some “time starved”  health conscious friends and family and to earn a little extra cash, but not everyone knows what it means to eat whole. I certainly didn’t a few years ago. Eating whole foods is taking what nature has already made perfect and minimally processing it to make a meal. For example, if a recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk, what do you use? Most people grab a can from their local grocery store. At Nourished Foods, we make our own.  You will have peace of mind knowing that every ingredient will be used at its most natural and whole state. Apples to apples it would look like this: natural salt vs. iodized table salt, arrowroot powder vs. cornstarch, maple syrup vs. corn syrup, fresh produce vs, canned, cooked dry beans vs. canned beans, organic white whole wheat flour vs. bleached white flour. This is what makes our food different from what you will find at the grocery store.  Eating clean takes a lot more energy than we are used to. This wasn’t such a difficult task for those back in the 1800’s or so. There wasn’t the option of natural versus artificial and now we are so accustomed to finding our food in one place we forget to question its origin and primary state. Nourished Foods is giving you the opportunity to have some whole food options around that are simple and quick to prepare for yourself.  The purpose of our blog will be to announce new menu items available, offer tips to adding a little more whole food to your life and a more in-depth look at the why of whole natural foods.  I stay on top of the “Dirty Dozen” ( the produce with the most pesticides found) and make that produce my priority choice for organic.  Our ultimate dream is to be a part of a farmer’s market someday. I would be so overjoyed if you are around to see that first big dream realized. All of you who are here for the very birth of Nourished Foods are so dear to my heart because I feel all the cheers encouraging us on. Thank you all so much for giving up your precious time to give us the little (maybe big?) push we need to get the ball rolling. Every comment, like, share, tweet, or question means a great deal and is always appreciated. My hope for you is that this is also the beginning of your whole food journey as well!




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